NOVEMBER 2009 - JULY 2013

List of exhibitions and events in OUTPOST

2013-07-20 Joaquin Segura - Artist talk

2013-05-16 Annavel Kanaar and Aline Weyel: "Something happened, but nothing practical."

2013-03-15 Nadja Voorham "AS I WAS WAITING."

2013-02-21 Julia żabowska "Awry Games"


2013-01-26 Dominik "Empty Pictures 2"

2013-01-11 Ivana Hilj and Caetano Carvalho "Society for the Preservation of Future Ruins"

2012-11-15 La Ira "Creation / Destruction"

2012-09-14 “It is obviously not a circle if you are not involved”
Photography, sculpture and installation by Danish artist Kristine Hymøller

2012-07-14 “Then End of Magic”
Drawings and installation by China based Greek artist Marianna Ignataki.

2012-05-08 “Mirage Course”
Drawing, etchings and installation by American artist Lauren Pakradooni

2012-03-29 “Dream of Fire/Lord of Chaos”
Installation project by Ada Avetist, Eloise Bonneviot, Hrafhnhildur Helgasdottir, Pieter Augustijn.

2012-03-10 “Sehnsucht”
Drawings and installation by Belgian artist Gwendolyn Lootens

2012-02-23 “Dissimilarities”
3D animation installations and drawings by Danish artist Jonathan Mikkelsen

2012-01-05 “Nothing is Lost”
Photography by Danish artists Marie Louise Omme, Simone Kønig Lilmoes and Swedish artist Claudia Kent.

2011-12-08 “Puzzled”
Drawing, and installation by Swiss artists Pan Polonium, Akkasukka Pakkasukka, Jan Schneider, Duane Roper, Johannes Döppler.

2011-09-09 “Inside OUTPOST”
Moving sculptures by dutch artist Aldo Kroese who worked as artist in residence for one and a half month in OUTPOST.

2011-05-06 “As You Wish”
Drawing, photography, installation and sculpture by British artist Craig Barnes who stayed in OUTPOST as artist in residence for one month.

2010-11-18 “The Line and the Cobra”
Drawing installation by German artist Kathrin Klingner

2010-10-10 “Super Model”
Sculpture and installation by Idan Hayosh(IL, Bernado Gaeiras (PT), Elsa Manceaux(F) and Corina Künzli (CH)

2010-07-15 “To the Edge”
Paintings by Danish artist Morten Ernlund.

2010-06-17 “Pages”
Installation by Danish artist Mads Aarøe

2010-04-15 Hallo Gallo
Live music and film screening curated by Hallo Gallo collective.
Music: Golden Cup, Faux Amis, Moemlien
Film: “Fuck You Kiss Me” and “I Touched Her Legs” by Danish artist Eva Rødbro

2010-04-01 “The Family Show”
Group show with works of 27 international Amsterdam based artists.
Participating artists: Bonno van Doorn, Ulla Eriksen, Adam Etmanski, Duarte Filipe, Rosa Herzberg, Monika Hopland, Ekin Idiman, Julian Jung, Johan Kauth, Kathrin Klingner, Alexander Krone, Maria Lalou, Elsa Manceaux, Thomas Manneke, Björn Nussbächer, Inda Ortega, Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, Eva Rødbro, Maythal Rotenburg, Barbara Skovmand, Dana Slijboom, Kartarzyna Szugajew, Tania Theodorou, Paris Tselios, Anu Vathra, Asaf Ben Yehuda, Ran Zhang.

2010-05-27 “RE:(///\\\)”
Installation and sculpture dutch artist by Abe Rechterschot

2009- 12-18 Project Tsarino
Exhibition by the Tsarino Collective (NL/BG/CH/TUR) who started an art residency in an abandoned village in the Rodopi mountains in Bulgaria.

2009-12-10 “Theses on stupidity, drinking and dying or How to get to Hellfire Inn”
Sculpture Installation by Polish German artist Adam Etmanski

2009-11-27 “Dead Whale”
Drawing exhibition featuring the art work done by Danish Artist Alexander Krone for the CD “Ambergris” by Seamus Cater and Viljam Nybacka.

2009-11-24 “What would it mean to win?”
Film screening of the film “What would it mean to win?” by Austrian artist Oliver Ressler and Australian artist Zanny Begg.

2009-11-13 “13”
The first exhibition in OUTPOST was a drawing group show with works from 13 international Amsterdam based artists.
Participating artists:
Ran Zhang, Julian Jung, Kathrin Klingner, Kristine Hymøller, Johann Kauth, Alicja Bielawska, Monika Hopland, Terry Bak, Andreas X, Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson, Chaometric, Katarzyna Szugajew, Alexander Krone.